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park eyes.png

The under vehicle  is  an  advance automated 3D viewing Under Vehicle   Scanning   System   based  on  the  area  scan  imaging technology. It provides  an optimum  solution   to  scan,  inspect and  digitally  document  the   under   side  of  the  vehicle.  The system  is   equipped  with  dual   high-resolution  cameras  that  help  in  capturing  the  3D  color or  not   colored  view  of  any vehicle passing over  the UVSS.  hard-to-view areas  are  easily scanned with this dual camera setup within fraction of  seconds. Two   important   features    available  in the   system   are   real time 3D  morph  of  the  under   side  which  allows  operator to  see   multiple   angular  views   of  the  underside  very  quickly and  compare  image which helps in comparison of  the  vehicle with the  image of the  similar   model  of   the  vehicle  fetched

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