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The Optima automatic vehicle guidance system for parking facilities permits real-time parking facility occupancy control, which uses the information obtained to register and indicate the location and shortest path to available spaces to users. Rapid detection and indication of free spaces means an immediate increase in parking facility vehicle turnover (and, therefore, profitability), as well as these additional benefits:
Increased fire safety in the parking facility, thanks to the system’s built-in temperature sensors.
Centralized, independent set-up for each sensor, including height, adapting to the specific form of each parking facility.
Optimization of electricity consumption in the car park, thanks to automatic adjustment of the lighting depending on various configurable factors.
More efficient use and distribution, thanks to the sequential occupancy system by zones (fully configurable).
All these features are based on establishing a true communications network that integrates the volumetric presence sensors and/or ultrasound vehicle traffic sensors, indicator signs, vehicle barriers, and a computerised central unit.

Optima Guidance system (Came parkare)

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