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(Crash Rated Bollard, Crash Rated Barrier, Road Blocker, Tire Killer) 

You can start your gate security by the level of Traffic control bollards create physical and visual barriers that direct vehicles. Posts prevent access to off-limits areas, separate lanes or directions of traffic, and line roadways, while also allowing pedestrians to pass unimpeded. Bollards can also complement signage and other traffic management strategies.


Hydraulic Bollard represents a new generation access control solution. Many design innovations make it easy to handle and install but best of all its performance is market leading and lifetime costs exceptionally competitive. Activated by any access control system or signaling device, it is an alternative solution to fixed posts and barriers, allowing regulation of traffic into certain zones with high vehicle flow, (e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and industrial sites and many more). Available with a diameter of 11in. (275mm), and a height of 24in. (600mm) or 32in. (800mm).


The fixed bollard is suitable for installations when all bollards do not need to be automated, the fixed bollards can maintain aesthetic appearances for sites, thus reducing costs and time of installation.

Crash rated Bollard:

Crash-Rated bollard has been designed and tested to hold up against a vehicle having a certain weight moving at a certain speed. The rating provides assurance the bollard will provide the required level of protection. 

Crash rated Bollards are the ideal solution to protect persons against hostile vehicles. Hostile Vehicles cannot pass whilst bollards are no obstacle for pedestrians. 

Hydraulic Bollard Tescon is best bollard worldwide with separate pump station as it’s made in Germany with a high standard and crash rated PAS complying with (K4 – K8 – K12). The electrical PLC-control with all necessary switching elements for the bollards is located within the lockable steel casing together with the electro-hydraulic drive unit. All Tescon bollards are crash rated.

FAAC has two types traffic and crash rated bollards, which provide variety of choices. 

Tire killer:

Tire-Killer with separate electro-hydraulic drive unit – consisting of an underground casing and heavy-duty steel spikes determined to destroy tyres, suspension and axles of a vehicle in case of unauthorized intrusion.
The underground casing consists of an all-around closed sheet steel casing with concrete anchors. Within the casing the bearings for the hydraulic cylinder and the spikes are installed. The top of the casing is equipped with a cover which allows passage of even the heaviest vehicles. It is designed to withstand a wheel load of 100 kN, according to DIN 1072.

Road blockers:


Some sites, such as military, industrial facilities, government buildings... demand a high level of security. For these applications, Automatic Systems provides security barriers, a range of bollards and retractable barriers (road blockers) that enable you to protect your site, while selectively authorizing the passage of certain vehicles. WE can choose to you between normal Road blocker or Crash rated Road Blocker According your project needs,. Your high Quality product Choice is Automatic Systems Road Blockers. 


Crash-Rated barrier:


has been designed and tested to hold up against a vehicle having a certain weight moving at a certain speed. The rating provides assurance the barrier will provide the required level of protection. 
The crash rated Barrier from HySecusrity manufactured in USA is a heavy-duty vandal resistant dual beam vehicle barrier which has been Crash Tested to PAS 68 and achieved an outstanding performance classification Suitable for high volume traffic situations. 

crash rated Barrier has been created to protect high risk sites where vehicle impact attack is a real threat.  

Our High Quality Products are made in Canada with high Specs and features. 


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