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Gate Solutions


(Barriers, Turnstiles, Sliding gates)



 Barriers  NEW  GARD GT4 - GARD GT8

We have multiple types of  Barriers  which  is  highly  preformed...  Gard 3 -

Gard GT4 - Gard GT8 - Gard PX - G4000 - G6000 is the best choice for Heavy Traffic gates.. Its certified 10 Million Cycles which on that time it can operate without Major maintenance. Smart Controller easily Configured and Monitored and can be integrated with other system (parking system, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Intercom) you can Enjoy Smooth operation and a lot of variety. 1.3 Sec is the opening Time and  if  you  need  it  will  reach  0.9Sec. 

Gard category is reach all what you want as its highly designed to match from low to medium reaching heavy traffic Gates, 

All the Accessories required are always Available. Secure the operation by photocell or Loop Detector Even you can find breakaway flange. 


Now is the time to switch to much improved ways of security and Ozak Turnstiles as a Turkish product also will help you in meeting required security demands. The turnstiles effectively improve the security in your business area or institutions and prevent unauthorized access. Many agencies have installed full height turnstiles on the entrance

Installing turnstiles is not the only way of improving safety in the work area. You can also go for many other security solutions. We can install the biometric access control system in your building to prevent unauthorized access. However, We would suggest you using the turnstiles. These turnstiles have good high and excellent security features. Only officially allowed people can step inside your firm and those, who will try to gain unauthorized access, they will get caught instantly. That’s what makes turnstiles very useful for improving the security. 

Sliding Gates

large varieties in CAME Sliding Gate Motors. 

  • Quick   and   easy  installation   with  the  built in  prewired  control  unit

  • Anti - crushing protection  is  ensured  by  an  electronic  device  directly controlling drive torque

  • As the gearmotor is non reversing, no electric locks need to be  installed.

  • In the event of a power cut, the  rotation  of  the  (key protected)  release device   makes  it   possible   to   open   and   close   the   gate   manually

  • Simplified "on display" programming

  • Integrated   encoder   for   reverse   function   on   obstacle  and  accurate management of partial opening and slow down

Another options and Specs is Available and you can  ask  our  Team  To  Help You, 

Contact Us Now : +2 0100 899 8809 

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Our Team Will be Always Waiting to Help You. 

CAME    launches     the    new     GARD GT      automatic       barriers       range, presenting the GT4 and GT8 models to the    market.   Suitable    for    use    in medium     to     large     entrances     in   residential,    industrial    and    urban settings,  the  new  barriers  raise   the  performance     level      and    improve vehicle    access    control    solutions.    Both barrier  models   have undergone extreme     testing,    resulting    in    an impressive 3 million cycle (MCBF) and in   the     GT4    model    can     provide  intensive    use   to     ensure      service efficiency          in          high         traffic environments.

The new GARD  GT4  and  GT8  models, made     in    Italy,    are  designed  with functionality, elegance and  versatility,  with  a   resistant  structure  thanks  to the  galvanized  and  painted  steel   or  stainless    steel    cabinet  (particularly suitable     for      environments     with  corrosive    atmospheric   agents,    e.g. saltiness and smog).  The   24V   motor  with   encoder   and   new   electronics provide        linear        and      constant  movement      over     time,    improved precision in slow  down  and  accurate obstacle   detection.  In addition,     the  innovative Advanced Speed     Control  function   continuously   analyses   the forces acting on the boom and  adjusts  the speed according to the parameters detected  -  even  if  they   differ   from those      set        during      installation - ensuring  durability  and  reliability  in all circumstances.

GARD GT4’s   opening      and     closing  speed     (for   fast   passages    up   to  4 meters)    is    adjustable    from  2  to  4 seconds   depending  on  the  length  of the      boom     and      the     associated  equipment.  For  openings  up  to 7.8 m net   passage  width  the  GARD  GT8  is adjustable    from   4  to  8  seconds.  In particular, for   the  GT8  model CAME  has designed an  innovative telescopic  boom  divided  into two  sections   of  different       diameters,     which     are  inserted one inside the other,  without  the    need    for   external      joints   or  additional    reinforcing   components.  Apart    from    facilitating     transport  and  simplifying  installation   for   the  installer, this   new   system   provides  better  resistance to stress and,  during operation, its reduced weight  ensures  less  strain  and  preserves  the motor's operation over time.

For improved entrance selection, both  models   can   be  equipped    not   only with  a  bottom  rack,  but  also  with  a special    solution  up  to  130  cm  high.

CAME   has   also   renewed   the    light signaling  system  for   both   GARD  GT models,  replacing  the  classic  flasher  with  an  RG LED  lighting   for greater safety.    The   lights,    which    regulate access by lighting  up  in  red,  flashing red or  green,  are  integrated  on  both the head  of   the   cabinet  and  on  the boom, on both sides, to be visible in all conditions, even in foggy weather.

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