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Access control is a security technique that can be used to regulate who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment.


The models have been designed for specific access requirements in any facility such as access by card and exit by push button. Based on the needs on site, the designer can choose from available models capable of controlling access to 1, 2, 4 or 8 doors (per panel).


WatchNet controllers communicate through the traditional RS485 Bus or/and TCP/IP. The controllers are capable of using industry standard 26‐72 bit Wiegand readers as well as other related technologies.

WatchNet Software is used to control access level and grouping and Can integrate with Extra features such as Video Surveillance integration, Visitor Management System and BMS. 

WatchNet Readers & Keypads:

WatchNet Access control readers are classified by functions they are able to perform and by identification technology: you can choose your reader according your project application between large varieties as (Mifaire Reader, Proximity Reader, UHF Reader, Biomtric Readers, NFC and Bluetooth also Available) 

As long as you are using it for Access Control you can also use them for Time Attendance and payroll Solution.

Magnetic locks, Strick locks, Door Contact, Push to Exit are all Available in our store. 

Fully intelligent IP enabled Elevator Controller built into an enclosure with power supply and battery charging circuit. This controller, based on an 8 bit ARM micro processor, is an independent controller that can control 16 floors with no additional hardware. Can also control access to each floor individually, based on an event or time period. The system will record each transaction and provides many auditing reports,such as data on selected floors to ensure complete accountability.



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