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Dear Readers,


Security Innovation Company based in EGYPT, is your competent partner with a complete portfolio of products and services for your security solutions requirements.

We start our Business with high experienced and trained staff in security systems, CCTV’s, Access Control, Parking Systems, Gate Solutions and intrusion.

We are unique in the business as we are the sole provider of fully integrated security technologies and management solutions. Our approach to solutions driven only by maximizing customer benefits.

Our solutions cover the entire value chain concept and planning. Hardware and software solutions to operations. Training and maintenance. 

Our Vision:

To protect people, Places and profits brilliantly: Becoming the leader and Natural first choice as security integrator.

Our commitment is the strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state-of-the-art security systems delivered within budget and agreed timelines.

This Website will illustrate what SI does, and exactly what it can offer its customers and partners. We want to exceed your expectations — it’s part of our vision. I hope you enjoy reading the Website and that you will be impressed with what we can do!

SI Strategy

The need for security is increasing in all sectors and all over the world. Whether it is private homes, industrial complexes, office buildings, Hotels, stadiums, warehouses, utility or transport facilities or government buildings, there is a growing need to protect people and property from theft, break-ins, accidents, vandalism, sabotage, hijack and terrorism, and to control the flow of people. With its innovative access control and comprehensive key systems, SI is doing a great deal to meet this demand. We offer our customer’s needs-focused security solutions that give them the greatest possible benefits in terms of security, organizational efficiency and convenience.

Strong brands work for constant innovation:


Throughout Last years Our Brands has repeatedly impressed the market and set industry standards with new solutions. As a result the projects has evolved into one of the best known and most valuable brands in its core markets — within its own industry and beyond. Its dominant brand values of security, reliability, and engineering skills of SI Company are complemented by the company promise “Quality and Innovation”

Long-term customer and partner relations:

Sustainable business success depends on long-term relationships with our customers and business partners. Approximately two-thirds of our business is generated from our existing customer portfolio. This is partly because Security Innovation company, when developing solution, tries to ensure that new solutions can be integrated into clients’ existing systems. This long term product and system compatibility protects customers’ investments and leads to a lower consumption of material resources.

A clear strategy

SI aims to grow profitably and it has a clear strategy to achieve this. Profitable growth will come through ...

>> Investments in products and markets: SI is investing in innovation and product selection, as well as in expanding its services. It is also developing emerging markets and identifying new opportunities for its portfolio in mature markets. This is helping SI provide customers with an innovative, comprehensive range of products that are compatible with each other.


>> Acquisitions and strategic partnerships: In order to build on its strong position, SI is expanding through appropriate acquisitions and strategic partnerships. This helps SI remain close to customers in all the different markets, and ensures it can continue to provide them with first-class products and services.


>> Operational efficiency: SI constantly optimizes its structures and processes in order to improve its efficiency, speed and costs. All of these gains are passed on to our customers in the form of faster product Delivery and installation and competitive services.


>>Transparent reporting: Sustainability is deeply embedded at SI: it is one of SI’s seven key corporate values. Embraced by SI as a long-term approach to relationships with all stakeholders, the company always strives for sustainability internally and externally.

In SI the customer is at the center of everything. With   our products and solutions, we want to create added value and nurture long-term partnerships. And we offer more than just security.

We offer our customers innovative Solutions and first-class services for the protection of  people  and  property.  We  are  there  for our customers    and    we    are   passionate   about   exceeding   their expectations. 

   Sustainability in a Dynamic Environment


For SI,  sustainability  means  acting  responsibly  on   an  economic, ecological and social level.

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